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Spacebuddy™️ Mini Astronaut Star Light Colorful Galaxy Projector Lamp Starry Atmosphere Small Night Lamp



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This Spacebuddy galaxy projector will bring incredible beauty to your room with one click – colorful, unpredictable nebulae and realistic dreams, mysterious high-definition galaxies and barely twinkling stars, and the combination of multiple colors will remind you of the most relaxing night under the stars.

Key differences from other astronauts: Has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, night light and music recognition function – galaxies and stars can move to the beat of the music. Everything can be activated separately.

Many of us have dreamed of seeing cosmic landscapes with our own eyes. But dreams must come true! With Spacebuddy Astronaut, you can watch vibrant, colorful images of different galaxies right from your bed every night. This projector night light is the perfect addition to the bedroom of any dreamer and space lover!

Nebula Star Projector and starlight can be projected separately or simultaneously. Various fog effects are displayed, the speed and brightness of the fog can be adjusted as needed. It is a great choice for home decoration as a star nebula projector, romantic lamp or night light.

The projector has various space galaxy effects accompanied by green stars and moon. You can turn off/on galaxies and stars individually or leave only the night light.

The projector is made of high-quality materials. The lamp is controlled by four buttons located on the Spacebuddy astronaut’s backpack, or using a remote control.

Bluetooth Speaker

This star projector can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. You can connect your phone, iPad or tablet via Bluetooth to play your favorite music. The music conveys a projection of the starry sky, perfect for a party or quiet evening. You can enjoy the wonderful starry sky in bed with your baby, enjoy relaxing music, create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. You can also insert a USB drive or card.

Remote control and timer

With the remote control, you can:

      Turn on/off colors separately: (R) red, (G) green, (B) blue;
      Only turn on night light mode (W), you can choose cool white light or warm white light;
      Adjust the music volume;
      Switch to the previous or next track;
      The microphone button allows you to activate the music control button, the light moves to the beat of the music.
      Adjust the image, brightness and rotation speed and set the desired projection effect. Star or fog patterns can be used simultaneously or separately.
      The timer can be set for 60 or 120 minutes, in which case the LED starry night light will automatically turn off when you fall asleep under the starry sky.
      The projector will automatically turn off after four hours even without setting a timer.

Adjustable projection angle

The star projector is shaped like a man in an astronaut suit. The head position changes 360° in different directions thanks to a magnetic attachment to the body, so turning the Spacebuddy astronaut’s head can change the position of the projection image. The position of the arms can be changed, so this is not only a projector of the stars of the galaxy, but also a beautiful decorative element.

Suitable for many occasions

The star projector can be used in the bedroom, game room, home theater, living room, it creates a romantic atmosphere for dates, gaming events, movie nights, parties or can be used as a night light.

Great gift for kids and adults

If you don’t know what to give to your family or friends, this star projector will be a perfect gift for the holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, etc.). Whether you’re a kid who loves stars and planetariums, or an adult who just wants to relax, who wouldn’t? those cute galaxy lamps? And who wouldn’t want to fall asleep under the starry sky while listening to pleasant music?


Bluetooth speaker
Music recognition, lights move to the rhythm of the music.
different color modes of the image of the cosmic sky;
high-quality laser projector,
clear, realistic image;
changing the position of the astronaut’s head, changing the direction of the projection;
convenient and intuitive control of the night light;
Remote control;
stylish design that matches any interior;
high-quality and safe materials.


Projector of galaxies and stars Astronaut
Remote control (without batteries). Additionally, 2 pieces are needed. AAA batteries.
USB power cable.
Instructions in English


The laser projector mounted on the Spacebuddy astronaut’s head is quite powerful, so don’t point it at your eyes!


ABS+PC+PVC+ vitreous enamel process


Gray, Red




Wifi Audio System, With Audio System

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